Photography… and more

Hi, I’m Walther. I’m a writer, a poet, a beginning or novice photographer. I like to combine my creative talents, seeing things through a lens and looking at them with the lyricism of a poet, a writer. Photography started out as a hobby and it may very well still be just that. However, I like to show my world as I see it to others for their enjoyment. Hence this site. The photo above is a portrait of me, it’s called a “portrait en creux” or hollow portrait. It shows me without me being in the picture.

I’m currently focusing on street photography and conceptual photography and my projects (and my progress of those projects) will be shown here for a large part.

If you want to read my literary work I suggest learning Dutch ;-). But for those who’ve already mastered that language to some extent, you can find poems, short stories and columns on my other website: as well as a couple of podcast series and videos (also in Dutch).

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