Just at the start of it all

I consider myself a beginning photographer, by no means a full fledged artist of light. You might consider me a hobbyist, a dilletante. The fact of the matter is that only have taken an online course and while it taught me a lot about photography, I know I still have to learn a whole lot of stuff more before my images start looking like anything decent. Or at least, that is my opinion. The images here are the best of what I have to offer right now and perhaps one day I will look back upon them with a smile, knowing that I have become much better.

But to do so I must likely follow some decent training, gain tons of experience from taking photographs as much as I can, as good as I can. So here is to you my fellow budding photographers. I salute you for starting out on a road well trodden, eventually finding a small path that has your name written on it. Like my own journey tells a lot about me, yours will tell a lot about you.

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