There is no try, only do.

Perfectionism… it’s time we talk about that. Somewhere, somehow in my mind there is a voice that screams at me every time I post a picture (or post a column, poem, podcast or poetry video on my other site). It yells things like “Not good enough!” or “Your bad at this!”. It cripples me sometimes. I know I am not good yet. I know I am still learning. But you will only learn by doing and thus practising. Not only by looking at textbooks, Youtube video’s, course material etcetera. Yes, you will learn from all of that as well but it will be mostly theoretical knowledge. At some point you will have to put what you learned into practise and experience all of what you’ve learned so far. Now, does that mean you should only keep what you have produced to yourself? Perhaps… yet I think that it is also good to show all of your efforts to others. Sometimes people will learn from you as well. It it isn’t from you mistakes it will be from your road to perfection. They will see that it is okay to suck at first, and that progress will be slow but steadily. At least, that is what I think.

So shut up that inner critic as often as you can. Start doing. Start putting your learning into practise and start putting your practising into art. It will come.

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