Faces of Me

Faces of Me

Faces of Me is a series of self-portraits in which I try to convey the different aspects of my personality that make me who I am. Being an introverted person I normally try not to show all of me in general except perhaps only to a small circle of intimate friends.

These self-portraits have been taken over a period of time and are by no means complete. It will be an ongoing endeavour in which I try to uncover as much of myself as possible. These self-portraits are a process of self-healing, or perhaps self-discovery, to me and I very much wish to uncover as much as I can as I have buried so much of myself over the years to either accommodate others or to hide my unpleasant sides that I have come to a point that I do not really know anymore who I am and if the feelings and emotions I experience are mine or in some way picked up and internalised emotions from people around me. In the end I hope to have a series of photographs that show me who I am, what I am.

Over time new images will be posted here that I will take. Others might be removed as they might no longer be “good” enough for me to include. Perhaps replaced with better pictures depicting the emotion or state that I try to convey.

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